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Alimony is the payment from one spouse to another in order to ensure the second spouse maintains the lifestyle he or she had before the divorce. It is more common that an ex-husband must pay an ex-wife alimony, but the reverse is possible, as well. There are four different types of alimony in Florida:

  1. Temporary alimony—alimony awarded during a pending dissolution of marriage.
  2. Permanent periodic alimony-periodic (usually monthly) payments of a set amount of money.
  3. Lump sum alimony-one total amount that can be paid at once or over time.
  4. Rehabilitative alimony-payments used for the education, training, etc. of a spouse until the spouse can find permanent, appropriate employment.

One or a combination of these types of alimony can be awarded as part of a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. Each is modifiable, except lump sum alimony, upon a showing of substantial change in circumstances. Each generally ends upon the marriage or death of the payee spouse except lump sum alimony.

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