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Child Support

Child support is often talked about in a very negative way, either by those having to pay it or by those who are supposed to receive it and do not. But monetary child support is essential in assuring a child receives the amenities needed to foster a healthy upbringing.

Child support arises from Florida law holding that each parent is equally responsible in the raising of their child. Florida does not care if both parents are still together. Child support cannot be waived by a custodial parent. If parents separate, child support is there for the parent who does not have primary custody to ensure that that parent is equally supporting the child. Child support can be ordered even without going through a divorce.

The non-payment of child support can be quite serious. A payee spouse may file a motion for contempt charges against the payor. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles may also suspend one's driver's license for non-payment of child support. Finally, a person may be incarcerated for not paying child support.

Child support is modifiable. While the modification may not be extremely dramatic, a modification can lighten the burden on a payor spouse. In order to modify support payments, an individual must show a substantial change in circumstances which results in an inability to continue to pay. A self-inflicted change in circumstances does not count. Also, past due child support cannot be modified.

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