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Nuptial Agreements

"Nuptial agreements" generally refers to any contracts or agreements entered into by two individuals concerning some part of their marriage. The most common is a pre-nuptial agreement. These are often glamorized and thought of in the context of high profile or celebrity marriages. Individuals can also enter into post-nuptial agreements. Both kinds of agreements generally work the same, but come at different times during the marriage.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

While two individuals do not enter into a marriage with the anticipation of divorcing, in today's society it is unfortunately a statistical probability. A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement or contract entered into before a marriage occurs. "Pre-nups" will most often involve a division of money or other assets that is held by one spouse in order to preserve them for themselves or their children. Pre-nups are popular amongst celebrities and rich people because they are generally not willing to take the risk of having to split their wealth with their soon-to-be spouse in the chance that their marriage does not last.

Pre-nuptial agreements are not reserved for the wealthy and are an option for the average person to ensure that certain interests are protected in case of a divorce. One major way in which a pre-nup can be useful is in protecting a business interest. If you have built up your business and it is successful, having a pre-nuptial agreement in place in which your spouse agrees to not go after an interest in your business is both appropriate and in your best interest. This is likely not something that your spouse will put up too much of a fight about. If you have children from a previous marriage, a pre-nup can help you craft an agreement that protects those children's rights in a family home, business, money, or some other asset that you want to ensure goes to them in case of a divorce with your new spouse.

Post-nuptial agreements

As the name implies, post-nuptial agreements are agreements and contracts that are entered into during a marriage, during separation and dissolution, or after dissolution. Post-nups can include any number of agreements ranging from child custody, alimony, distribution of assets, or any other unique issue that may arise during or after a marriage. Many times post-nups are needed where there is some special arrangement based on the circumstances of the marriage. For example, instead of establishing a straight monetary payment of alimony, the parties agree that the wife will have regular access to a vacation house or get the full title to the marital home or gain half of some future payment. In a special instance such as this there may need to be a post-nuptial agreement made.

What can Soler & Slack, P.A. do to help?

The attorneys at Soler & Slack, P.A. are experienced in family law matters and can help you address any future issue that concerns you and your spouse and help to make sure there is an agreement in place to preserve that interest before marriage is entered into. Also, if your pending divorce presents some unique circumstance that requires some kind of assurance of an outcome, then we can help you draft up a post-nuptial agreement to protect your interests and solidify the agreement between you and your spouse. Whatever your situation may be, out attorneys are here to help you.

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