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Support Enforcement

Whether it is child support or spousal support (alimony), your ex-spouse has a court order requiring him or her to pay you a certain amount of money. An ex-spouse may not like the idea of giving the other spouse money and can often times delay payment or even outright refuse to do so. This can often have the effect of causing bills to be late and putting you and your children's lives on hold. So what can you do if you are in this situation?

This is where enforcement of these support obligations can ensure that you get the money that is legally owed to you. When there is a court order stating someone shall pay a certain amount, not doing so is a violation of that court order which is contempt of court. When someone is violating a court order, we can file a motion with the court that issued the order and request the judge to hold that person in contempt. After hearing from you and the other party, a judge will determine if the person willfully violated the court order.

How does having a judge find your ex in contempt help you get the money owed to you? Sometimes, merely having us file the motion for contempt and having it served on your ex will prompt payment as to avoid having to explain the situation in front of the judge. If it goes all the way to a hearing and your ex is found in contempt, the judge will order payment of the original amount owed and possibly penalty fees such as interest or attorney's fees. In addition, a judge could have your ex incarcerated for violating the court order. While incarceration is an extreme sanction, a judge will follow the order and you will more than likely receive your money.

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